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Friday, July 19, 2013

A vacation at the lake!

After all that hosting, we decided we needed a mini-vacation! So yesterday, the four of us headed west to Sebago to visit an old friend of mine on Peabody Pond, which is right next to Sebago Lake. It took just under 2 hours of drive time, and boy was it worth it!!

 Here's the path down to the water. There were blueberry bushes on either side, and the blueberries were just beginning to ripen.

 We headed right for the dock and went for a quick dip.

 It had to be quick, because then these clouds rolled in and we heard some thunder. Boy did it rain! Eventually it stopped, then we picked some blueberries and went swimming again.

 We spent the night and swam again first thing in the morning. Here's the girls, me, and our friend Heath on the trampoloon. So much fun!

Here's Maggie, bouncing.

What a relaxing day! Nina made us all breakfast in the morning--blueberry pancakes with the berries we'd picked the day before. They were delicious! We'll definitely be heading back there next summer, only this time we'll stay at least a few days!

Oh, yes, we brought the dogs and they just loved it. Marley swam a ton, and Moxie did a few swims. They were exhausted between that swimming, the trip, and the heat. I think they'll sleep for a week!

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