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Friday, July 12, 2013

Lots of photos

This one is from a few weeks ago. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but one of our neighbors was having some work done on his dock, and this house-like thing was down there for a week or so. Then one morning, it just floats on down the rivah! There must have been some kind of outboard attached to it, because first they came south, then turned east towards where the Ponderosa campground used to be. I think some bad weather was moving in the next day and they were moving it to safety. It was a very funny sight.

Here's little Mr. Ray on the swing! He's the mellowest guy, and happiest when he's crawling around and pulling himself up on whatever's nearby or being pushed in a swing.

 Here are the four dogs, chilling out. They're a good-looking quartet, don't you think?

 Maggie has really been expanding her look beyond pajamas for the last few days. Yesterday it was an old dance costume fairy wings for a bit, then a skirt and shirt for the evening out. With underwear even! Who is that child?

Nina's grown another few inches in the last few weeks I think. She's almost eight!!

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Oma said...

Thanks for the pic of Ray in the swing ... now I know he's actually there! Maggie looks she's grown a couple of inches, too ... at least her legs look longer! The dogs look like they're getting along well, in this picture anyway ...