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Monday, July 22, 2013

Nina's Restaurant

Yesterday Nina set up a little restaurant in the living room/family room. It was called the Ebb Tide:

Here she is taking Maggie's order. This photo is funny because Nina instructed Maggie to pretend she was talking to her, so Maggie is sitting there with her mouth open but not actually speaking.

Here she is in her uniform! If you think it fits shockingly well for being one of mom's hand-me-downs, you're right. I altered it to better fit her!

Here's Maggie showing off one of the menus.

And here she is with her order (cocoa wheat, which was free). Nick and I had both ordered 
coco health, which was a mixture of cocoa krispies and healthy mornings cereals. Maggie's
 is a mixture of cocoa krispies and frosted mini wheats.
Too cute! I paid the bill and tried to leave her a generous tip, but when I checked her apron later, I found that Nick had confiscated the tip. Cheapskate!!

Also, you can see that I've figured out how to resize the photos on blogger. I love this platform, but over my blogging years, blogger has tried to make it easier for just anyone to use. For example, at the beginning of my blogging career, I had to use HTML tags if I wanted anything bolded or italicized. Now I just highlight the text and hit the bold icon like one would in Word. Similarly, I had to resize photos using HTML all those years ago. Then they switched it so that I could just select a size on upload, but now I have to click on the photo after it's uploaded to resize it, which I didn't realize. Also captioning is an automatic feature now too.

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Oma said...

Both the waitstaff and clientele are very charming!