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Friday, July 19, 2013

Our last day with the Hermans...

We had so much fun! Before they left on Thursday, we got a little more time to play with Wyatt and Ray:

 Here's Nina pushing Ray on the baby swing. She's such a wonderful cousin!

 Ok this one isn't cousin time, but Maggie just looks too cute in it.

 Here are the four of them, on the swingset. I'd given up asking them all to pose, smile, look at the camera, and keep their hands or toys from blocking their faces. And look, it's a great photo anyway!

Here's Ray splashing his hand in an inch of water. Give that guy some water and he is one happy little boy! Nina was a little nervous that he was going to spill the water all over her, but all went well.

These actually might have been taken on Wednesday, the last full day of their visit. I can't remember any more. Regardless, they were certainly taken towards the end of the visit, so good enough.

We miss them already!

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Vanessa said...

We miss you too! Thanks for everything!