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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Reunion!

My oh my, what a busy weekend! Here's the whole crew at mom and dad's house after lunch at the Whale's Tale:

I think we were 27 in all. Uncle Lee didn't make it because he was sick, but fortunately he's home now and much better.

Everything started on Friday when Erik and Isabelle, Jen, Gabriel, and Luciana, and Uncle Vito and his new girlfriend Veronica arrived. We had a lovely fire pit

in the course of which Nina, Maggie, Wyatt, and Luciana ate about a bagful of marshmallows.

Then on Friday, Maggie, me, Erik, Isabelle, Jen, Gabe and Luciana took the boat into town and met everyone at the restaurant.

Then it was back to my parents' house for ice cream (lots and lots of ice cream, I'll explain another day!), cake, beer, and another bonfire. This morning we took a trip to town for some iced coffees, swam in the pool, and ate more ice cream.

Whew, it's no wonder I'm exhausted!

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Oma said...

Wow ... looks like you all had lots of fun! And three cheers for the organizer!!