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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh my, no post since Wednesday?

Well, the girls were sick all week. Nina ran a fever on Tuesday, Wednesday, and was still over 102 with a funky looking throat on Thursday so I made a doctor's appointment for her on Friday. Well, that must have done it, because she woke up Friday fever-free and over the hump. I cancelled the appointment and recovery has continued ever since.

It's also been hot, hot, hot for the last three day! Not fun when you're battling a fever, but a nice change of pace from the cold spring we'd been having. We must have hit the 90s on Friday and Saturday, and will probably hit about 80 today. Then a colder front is supposed to move in and we'll be in the high 60 next week.

The girls thought getting sick last week was the best thing ever and are having trouble adjusting to the idea that it's actually not summer vacation yet, and there's almost two more weeks of school. But Friday is field day, and the week after that is only 3 1/2 days, so I think they'll survive. The end of the year is always so much fun, anyway.

I think we're going to head out later this afternoon for some mini-golf and ice cream. Summer fun!

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