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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A happy house!

Look at this happy girl. She's in heaven!

Here she is hugging Marley

And here she is giving Moxie some love.

Moxie is the 10 year old, and at this point he's basically like a very large cat. He likes to lie in the sun, lie under the table, and lie in his bed. He's the perfect dog. Except last night, he got into the trash while we were gone! He'd only pulled a few things off of the top, and at first I wasn't sure which of them had done it. Well boy oh boy can you spot a guilty dog from a mile away! Moxie wouldn't even come into the kitchen, and when we dragged him in to confront his mess he had his tail down (usually it's up in this adorable curl on his back) and his eyes on the floor. He got a scolding, but now all is forgiven.

Marley played Hedbandz with Nina the other day:

He's not really as humiliated to be playing as he looks, he just has kind of droopy eyes. He's a good sport!

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