about a dream: Motherhood is a thankless job sometimes

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Motherhood is a thankless job sometimes

It's the end of the school year, and the girls are so excited to be almost done (Nina more than Maggie). And yeah, I'm super excited too. I hate getting up in the morning even more than they do, packing two snacks and a lunch, getting everyone fed, brushed, dressed and out the door... it's a lot of work! So this morning I slacked and packed Nina crackers, cucumber, and water for a snack and Maggie just water and a banana.

Well, her royal highness was really mad at me when I picked her up.

"I did not like my snack. I had a terrible day because I hated it," she told me.
"Oh, I'm sorry you didn't like it," I said. "But you were happy to get a banana this morning." Like reminding her that she picked it would ever help.
"Now I'm mad at you. I love you as much as a toilet."

Wow, ouch! I mean, I'm glad she's in touch with her feelings, and that she's so smart and able to find the perfect analogy for her love, but this is the thanks I get. Not, "Gee mom, now that I've had a lackluster snack, I'm really appreciating the homemade whole-grain oatmeal brownies you made and individually wrapped for me last week." No, none of that. Just "I love you as much as a toilet."

To be fair, she forgave me within an hour. She told me she loves me never ending universes, plus all the hair and cells. So, that's obviously quite a lot. Whew!

Oh yeah, I also have a job now! Say hello to BRHS's new physical sciences teacher! Yipee!!


Oma said...

Talk about nonchalant! As if you were saying, "Oh, yeah, I got my hair cut, too..." Congratulations!!!!

des said...

I know, it was late though! I'll give the job it's own post after I meet with HR in a week or 2 and find out all the details. :-)