about a dream: Cousins and dogs

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cousins and dogs

Look at these happy cousins, having some lemonade on the couch with a whole bunch of dogs:

 I think they were watching a cartoon. SpongeBob!

 On Saturday we went into town to ride the trolley and get some lunch.

"Go upstairs and get dressed," I told Maggie. And she did, because she's 5 and doing so many things on her own now.

She came downstairs wearing this:

It's her bedsheet. She'd fashioned it into some kind of sari or something. Of course not being one to stifle my child's self-expression, I just belted it and sent her on her way.

Kidding! She changed into real clothes. Well, pajamas of course. Actually she picked out a beautiful pink and purple Jasmine nightgown that looks more like a princess dress. She got many compliments.


Oma said...

Where was Bider?

Oma said...

Beautiful sari, Maggie!