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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Yesterday we had her fifth birthday party. Yay Maggie!

Look at this big birthday girl! In a dress! (*with underwear!*). She's growing up so fast!

The girls and I made cupcakes. You can tell I've been at this motherhood thing for a while and am kind of giving up, because I used a box mix and betty crocker frosting. It used to be homemade, whole-grain oatmeal cupcakes with low sugar and real butter frosting. Not anymore, kids! The girls took one bite of these cupcakes and just about died with joy. Best cupcakes ever, they said. Must be that pudding in the mix!

 It was supposed to rain, so we prepared an old-fashioned game of tape the tail on the pony. That's Rainbow Dash there. Turns out you can buy this kind of thing at WalMart for like, $1, but that would require leaving the peninsula.

 The girls and I made the tails, too. It was a fun project!

 This present was a hit. The kids got right to coloring it.

 Then Nina and Charlie assembled it. Or, tried to. You know you've got a great friend when you can assemble a tent-like structure and have fun doing it.

And, Chester went swimming in a mud puddle. Good times!!

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Oma said...

Both girls look like they've grown about three inches since they left here! (One inch per month!)