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Monday, June 17, 2013

We're keeping them!!

The girls and I took Moxie and Marley to the vet today, and they're in fantastic health. So we're gonna do it! Eek!

Nina fell in love with them almost immediately. On Sunday she said, "I thought having dogs would be great, but it's wonderful." Aww. Then she read the little photo album called "who loves baby" that we have. "Who loves Marley," she read. "Mama and Papa love Marley. Nina loves Marley. Tante Vanessa and Uncle Micah love Marley," and so forth. Then she read it to Moxie.

Maggie has dubbed them "Moxie, King of the Brown Dogs," and "Marley, King of the Blond Dogs." Also, Marely ate Moxie's dog biscuit today and she gave him quite the scolding. "Bad dog," she said in her sternest voice. "Bad bad dog. Baddest dog in the whole wide world." So, I'm sure that won't be happening again.

Also, when the kids and Nick got back from Mom and Dad's tonight, they couldn't find Moxie. 'Oh no,' they thought! 'What if he escaped?' Could he have??

No, he'd accidentally shut himself in the bathroom. So, not the smartest dogs who ever lived, but among the chillest, because when he discovered his mistake, he just laid down and waited to be found. He didn't even bark. Maybe he was hiding?

I'll get some more pictures tomorrow!

Oh, also my knee is swollen from jumping on the trampoline on Friday. I'm such a wimp.

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