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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Maggie!

What a birthday! Both girls were sick. Nina was worse off, she ran a fever of over 102 last night plus had a sore throat, runny nose, and cough. Maggie's just got the runny nose and cough, so she's doing a bit better. Regardless, both girls stayed home today.

But that's ok, we got to kick off the day with a fantastic breakfast!
 Pancakes with strawberries, maple syrup, sprinkles, and cool whip!
 Maggie opened the presents Nina got her first. Here's mermaid with a cool whip beard.
 Later we baked cupcakes. More cool whip and sprinkles. What great food (product?) that cool whip is. You can do anything with it!
 The girls started to tank in the afternoon so it was sick beds on the couch and Uno for a while. Poor little dears. Nina's fever started to rise again and her throat was making her miserable, but I gave her some DayQuil, which seemed to help/
 Did you know strawberries are very high in vitamin C? She looks like Cindy Lou Who with this giant one.
 Then we played a game we invented in Austria. You stick the Uno card on your forehead and ask your fellow players questions until you guess what card you have.
 Usually Maggie just shouts out what everyone has and Nina starts crying because she's ruined the game, but this time she played properly! Is there some magic in turning 5? Here's to hoping!
 I took this selfie and then checked to see how it came out. I'm so brilliant that I didn't realize that'd give away my card, so this has become a photo of me unintentionally cheating.
 Last night, the girls stickered and enveloped all of Maggie's birthday party invitations. It was adorable.
All the while Maggie was wearing fairy wings. And no pants. What kind of fairy wears pants though? None.

All in all, a great day! Nina's still not feeling good and battling that fever so I'm sure she'll be home tomorrow too. And on top of all that, the poor girl has a very loose tooth! Not too loose for birthday cupcakes, at least.

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