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Thursday, May 9, 2013

This is the living life!

That's what the girls say whenever they experience luxury. And our new mattress pad is absolute luxury! My bed is now officially called "the living life bed." Used in a sentence: "Kids, we can't all sleep in the living life bed." Sounds vaguely Christian, doesn't it?

I think I'll be back in Kohl's to get two twin-sized mattress pads, or else the girls will never want to sleep in their own beds again! As it is, Nina plans to spend the entire weekend lying in my bed. Can't say that I blame her!

Our mattress in Austria was so hard that it made my arms numb if I laid on my stomach and my legs numb if I laid on my back. Any my hip numb if I laid on my side! There was no winning. But now, oh sweet memory foam and pillow top on top of that... It's so comfy I don't even want to fall alseep.

That's been the highlight of our week. The weather's been lovely, except today it's raining (even harder to get out of bed.)

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