about a dream: New stairs reveal!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New stairs reveal!

For safety reasons, we've decided to carpet the stairs. I wasn't expecting to love the look, softness, and reduced stair creakiness so much!

Behold, my new stairs!
 They really brighten up the space!
 Also, I might have told you (or even posted photos already? Who can remember...) about Maggie's new jammie-jeans that I made her for school. Well, here's a front/side view. You can see the pocket and side-seam detailing. Note that they're also hemmed with yellow thread, and that there's a mock "fly" in the front.
And here's the back. Faux pockets! She loves them. Everyone loves them! Sweatpants that look like jeans, it's utterly brilliant. I want some!


Oma said...

The jammie-jeans are great!!! Ditto the stairs!

Vanessa said...

Stairs look great!

And, they do make sweatpants type things for adults that look like jeans, I have seen infomercials for them.

Did you di the hemming yourself to make it look like jeans? Great idea!

des said...

Infomercials, I need to watch those more!
I did hem and detail myself. It was fun!