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Monday, May 6, 2013

Book fair last week

Maggie and I spent a lot of time volunteering at the book fair this week. Fun fun fun! She thinks of it as more of a library and reads through the books one by one (she's not reading yet, I read them aloud to her). This week she also helped me by scanning the books the kids bought. I made the mistake of referring to this as "lasering" the books. When Maggie held the little lasering gun up to her eyeball, I said, "Maggie, don't laser your eyeball. You could hurt it."

So Maggie is helping me with a book sale to a teacher, lasering the books, when she looked up with her adorable little face and asked in her sweetest voice, "Would you like me to laser your eyeball?"

A teacher! I don't know which one... not someone who was there when I was a kid, thankfully. She was very nice and said, "No thank you!" and headed up the stairs, which were right behind her.

Maggie twisted around in her chair, laser gun in hand, and called up to the woman, "Ok, maybe tomorrow then!"

Free lasik with book purchase! We should advertise that next year!

Another time some junior high kids were browsing the books and Maggie said to me, "I'll be right back. I have a little work to do."

I was ringing up sales so I wasn't paying too much attention to her, then I heard her tiny little voice coming up from the back. I always get nervous when I see her talking to people but can't make out the words, because there's just no telling what she might be saying, but I was too busy to go over and check. Stressful!!

Finally I got to her and asked what she was talking with the girls about. She was trying to sell them a book called "Itty Bitty Animals" that we'd just been reading. Adorable! One girl had told her she didn't have enough money today to buy it, and Maggie had said, "Ok, well maybe you can buy it tomorrow."

So, there you go. One post about possible demonic possession, one about infinite cuteness. Maggie's quite the unpredictable little girl.

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