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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tough day around here!

Maggie woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, for starters. I went into the room when I saw her sweet little eyes open, but she just glared and me and told me to leave. Bad sign.

She recovered some and had a good day at Kindergarten, and we had a nice walk to Nina's school and a nice walk back home. Then she drew a person on some paper and tried to cut it out, and it just didn't go as planned. She had a long, even by Maggie standards, tantrum, wherein she moaned such priceless gems as "You have no idea how frustrating my life is" (pronounced "fuss-tur-ating) and "You're not the kind of mother I was hoping for."

Then she bumped her head and pulled Nina's hair. Poor little Nina. She felt a little under the weather today, as did I. Tickly throat and nose, ever so slight tummy upset... hopefully it's nothing. Usually if we're going to get sick, it happens pretty quickly, so I think we're gonna be fine.

Finally things rebounded after Maggie helped me cook dinner while Nina watched an episode of Ghost Hunters online. Dinner was uneventful, we told some stories and had a few snacks, and the girls fell asleep pretty quickly.

Cross your fingers that whatever was getting Maggie yesterday is gone tomorrow!

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