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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maggie art!

She's such a good little artist! Here's some of what she's been drawing at school:

This is a complex one. There are a lot of birds in the sky and it's raining. There's a pegasus pony (pony with wings) and she's wearing an orange hat and orange wing protectors (she said pony wings melt if they get wet).

This one is kind of hard to see because she also drew on the back and some of that ink soaked through. But it's a bunch of baby chicks and baby ducklings in eggs. One has hatched and the others are still inside. The mother duckling and mother chicken are flying in the air up above the eggs. They're small because they're far away.

This is the drawing on the other side. It's a bunch of Easter eggs in a basket. The things on the left are ponies. They're not small because they're far away; they're just small. I just asked.

I had a particularly good drawing the other day, so what the heck:

It's a woman surfing!

Also, when Marina was here Maggie got into some kind of crazy mood and put on real clothes!

So cute! It gives me hope for the summer!!

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