about a dream: Maggie's getting a German accent

Monday, February 25, 2013

Maggie's getting a German accent

Maggie's always had her funny little pronunciation issues, but I was surprised when I noticed that it's gotten worse this year. Of course, it makes sense; she's learning another language! But since I don't speak German, I didn't recognize it as a German accent creeping in to her English.

For example, she's been pronouncing "golden" as "gull-den." That's new, she never had trouble with the "ole" sound before. And yesterday, she pronounced "cold" as "kulled." It's an "ul" instead of "ole" substitution. I asked Nick if that was a common German sound (because I'm having no such trouble! No German creeping into my brain over here!), and he said it is. I'm also wondering if it's an L sound thing too, since they have a funny way of pronouncing Ls kind of like Rs here. Or at least, that's how my language-impaired brain perceives it.

It's cute though. I'm assuming it's not permanent and that she'll get over it within a few months when we're back in the US.

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