about a dream: Happy Birthday!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Happy Birthday!

To who? Don't you know??!

Happy Birthday Rainbow Dash!

The girls spent all morning decorating and I even baked a cake. From scratch. For a pony. A toy pony. I think I deserve some kind of award. Well, virtue is its own reward, and the cake was pretty darn good.

They wrapped a whole bunch of presents for her, too. I should have piled them on the table in that first picture, all wedding-magazine style. Next time (I'm sure there'll be a next time).

Also, here's Maggie with the paper doll Nina made her:

She made one for everyone, even Marina. She's too sweet. (She made them when she was home sick on Thursday. She went to school that day, but she had a tummy ache and came home. She had a slight temperature before bed that night, so we had her skip swimming just in case it would have been too much of a chill, and she got to go in on Friday morning at 8:15. Blissful!)

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