about a dream: Downtown Baden yesterday

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Downtown Baden yesterday

Yesterday we took Aunt Camilla down to Baden and strolled around the pedestrian district. Anne met us there after her day of physical therapy ended, and we got some coffee before dinner at a Greek restaurant.

I think today is supposed to be on the colder, wetter side, so we'll probably save Vienna for tomorrow and just hang out today. The girls moan loudly and protest for hours whenever I try to get them outside, so I'm tempted to not waste the energy today. It's their vacation week though, and they love just playing around the house all day in their pajamas. Plus, I invented a new game using the Uno deck (boy are we resourceful around here! We have Uno, Uno memory, Bungo, and now Goono. Goono is when everyone sticks an Uno card to their forehead without looking at it first, and asking the group questions to guess what they have. Inevitably Maggie gives it away, but it's fun.)

That's all really. Mostly just a lazy week around here!

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