about a dream: The Roman thermal baths

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Roman thermal baths

Finally! You know, Baden literally means "bath," and is so named because of the mineral-rich natural spring water that flows through the town. The Hapsburgs used to come here in the summer for some bathing, and people believed that the water would cure what ails you. The baths and the casino, that's what everyone else in Austria thinks of when you say "Baden."

Well, I've never been to the thermal baths (or the casino for that matter). Nick hasn't either, I don't think. Yeah, I just asked him, he said no. So he never took me, even way back before we had kids. Now, Aunt Camilla is visiting, the girls are on vacation this week (semester break. Nina got a report card, but it's blank because she's down as a "visiting student." This was decided at the beginning of the year, so she wouldn't feel an pressure about grades as she was learning German. They also probably thought she wouldn't do very well, on account of speaking no German, but obviously they didn't know Nina!). Anyway, it's also cold and damp, and I decided what better way to warm up than at the thermal baths.

They're lovely! Or, as Maggie put it, "This is brilliant!"

There was one giant pool for playing around in, one lap pool, one kiddie pool, an indoor hot tub, and two swim-out hot tubs (you enter inside and swim through a plastic curtain to get outside! Very European and relaxing).

Maggie swam nipple-free, as usual, and Nina had on her usual swimsuit. Nina's been learning the breast stroke at school, and boy is she good! What a great little swimmer she is!

Even I managed to last two hours without freezing, thanks to multiple dips in the hot tub. But now we're all exhausted. I think it'll be an early bed time tonight!

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