about a dream: Nick's playing memory with Nina

Friday, February 1, 2013

Nick's playing memory with Nina

This is fantastic entertainment. First of all, Nina has picked through the Uno deck for all the pairs, and the game is enormous. Way beyond my cognitive abilities. I played with her once and now I'm spent. But Nick is just a glutton for punishment. He keeps going back for more. Poor guy.

The whole thing reminds me of why I used to think Nina was psychic. She just tears through a game of memory as though she can see right through the card. She's not cheating, I shuffled the deck. It's just inhuman. I wonder if she has something like a photographic memory?

Now that she's bigger too, she actually focuses on the game. When she was younger, she'd be bouncing all over the place, staring up at the ceiling when it was my turn (and still beating me).

They're playing as I type. Nina's deploying psychological warfare too. Here's what's going on:

Nina: Your turn!
Nick: Shh! I'm thinking!
Nina: Red five, yellow skip, blue three
Nick: Be quiet!
Nick: Where was that green 8? (reaches for a card)
Nina: HA HAHAHAHA! (He was wrong.)

If she tries to get you to play memory with her, you'd better be ready to be on your game!

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