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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hohe Wand (again!)

Again because we were there in 2009, but who can remember that far ago? Nina and Maggie didn't remember, so back we went. Plus I was really craving a nice day of hiking. I'm a Maine woman remember, I need my outdoors fix! If I'm going to go a year without seeing the Atlantic Ocean, I at least need some woods.

Here's the big draw at Hohe Wand:
It's called the Sky Walk, and basically it's a big, metal walkway cantilevered out 30 feet over the edge of a cliff. It's about 300 feet straight down from the Sky Walk to the beautiful, jagged rocks below.

Here's a great photo of the sky walk that I stole from someone else's blog
This blog has a ton of amazing photos. Much better than mine. Go see them at if you want to be amazed. That person hiked up, we were less adventurous and drove to the top. We intended to do some hiking at the top, but, well, I'll get to that after I show you a few more pictures.

Right after we parked the car, we started in on our picnic lunch at this beautiful, grassy meadow, which happened to terminate in a deathly sheer drop-off. Don't worry, we're all safe and sound! No one ventured far from the pringles!

Then it was off on a short walk to the Sky Walk, where we ate some more of our food and took some more pictures.

They just don't do it justice, though.
Then we stopped at another spot, played a while there, and by then our provisions were dangerously low, so we stopped at a restaurant with a playground (a common combination here in Austria. I love it!), and had coffee and apple strudel. By the time we finished that a cold front had moved in, and it was getting late, so we just went back to the Sky Walk. The girls loved it there.
Not because of the view, though. They loved it because there were so many great rocks to play with! Really, only my kids. They played with those rocks for a good hour. I'm not sure that they even noticed the view.

Then it started to drizzle, so we headed back to the car. Nina fell asleep on the way home and Maggie whined "Are we there yet? This is so boring!" for the whole dreadful half-hour.

Ah, family outings!

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