about a dream: A good school day all around

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A good school day all around

Dare I hope we're through the worst parts of the transition? Nina was only slightly negative about going this morning. I try to up her motivation by packing fun snacks like potato chips. Hey, it makes her happy! She says that she had fun running outside today and singing happy birthday to two of her classmates. She also says that the whole day in general was enjoyable, so I'll take that.

Maggie was all smiles at drop off today. Hooray! I sat and colored with her for about 10 minutes when we first got there. It gives her a little time to get used to being there, and it makes her much happier. Then I helped her put her gym shoes on and she played in the gym. When I left, she was smiling and blowing me kisses. Success!

When I picked her up she was more morose. She told me that she'd drawn a picture of a pony and a rainbow, and a little boy scribbled on it. She cried when that happened, but her teacher gave her some hugs and she was ok. Still, she was ready to come home after that. I think she has a new hater now. So it goes.

Now it's hot, practically 80 degrees! I can get used to falls like this! Perhaps later today we'll go into Baden. Or maybe we'll just hang out here and play. We'll see.

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