about a dream: Day 71: School

Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 71: School

But first, Wow! It's been 10 weeks! What a milestone. It definitely feels like we're settled into regular life now, as opposed to just on a long vacation. So, cheers to that, it's nice to feel like we've got a routine going. I can't say that I feel at home, but maybe at home away from home.

This week has been a big adjustment for Nina regarding school. She went on Monday and Tuesday, but then on Wednesday we got a call around 9 saying Nina was looking a little green around the gills and to come pick her up. So, we did, and she spent some time lying on the couch and some time playing, and didn't seem too bad off.

The night before, though, she'd been talking about not wanting to go to school, and feeling bored there, and missing her school in Maine and her friends. So, we weren't sure if it was a sick stomach ache, or an anxiety stomach ache.

We tried school again on Thursday, but this time we got the call from the nurse's office about 30 seconds after Nick walked back through the door. Home again.

We talked with her some more about trying to have a positive outlook, enjoying the new friends she's making (because she is, everywhere we go, little kids I don't know are cheerfully calling out "Hallo Nina!!" and waving. It's adorable), and just relaxing and having fun.

She still wasn't sure this morning if she wanted to go, and she was also complaining off and on on Thursday afternoon about the same tummy ache, so we decided to let her skip swimming this morning and just go for 2 hours (in case there was a little bug she was fighting too, I thought maybe the chill wouldn't be good for her). Well actually, the plan when we left the door was to drop Maggie off at school and let her think that Nina was definitely going to school, even if she wasn't, because Maggie wouldn't go to school unless Nina did.

So, Nina and I dropped Maggie off, and Maggie was great about it, and Nina decided that if little Maggie could do preschool, then she could set a good example and go to school too. She was even pretty enthusiastic about it. And she had a wonderful day! I was so relieved! They painted, and her friends were so happy to see her back. Her teacher was very sympathetic and told me that if Nina is ever feeling homesick or overwhelmed, let her have a little holiday and stay home. "Not every day," she said, "but sometimes."

Right after dropping Nina off at school I doubled back to pick up Maggie. It's about 25 minutes round trip if I walk at a regular pace there and brisk pace back, and I wanted to get back before Maggie started freaking out. She hadn't gone on Wednesday because of the sub or on Thursday because Nina was home, and I wanted her back there today and have a positive experience before we lost all the progress she'd made last week and at the beginning of this week.

So, I got back, Maggie was happy (I didn't let her see me, she'd never let me leave again if she did), and I hid outside until they called me in 5 minutes later because she was freaking out.

I gave her a hug, she had her snack, and I asked her if she wanted to go play outside with the kids while I ran home to get our train money. She said no. I said, "well, we'll have to walk home then." She said, "I don't care." But when we were walking home, which took us like an hour, she decided that next time she'd play with her new friends while I ran home to get the train money. So, I think the week ended on a successful note. Baby steps....

And then, tomorrow is Prague! The girls are really excited. Hopefully I'll update tomorrow night from the hotel room!

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