about a dream: Nina went to a birthday party today

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nina went to a birthday party today

She wore her new dress!
It was available in Maggie's size too, but she didn't want one. Interestingly, we bought the dress at a small clothing shop in downtown Baden. We've been in there once or twice before, looking for a new pair of jeans for Nina or whatnot. When the shopkeeper asked if I wanted one in Maggie's size too, I told her,
"No, she won't wear anything except pajamas."
And she responded, "Ah, I've seen you guys before, I thought those were pajamas she was wearing."

So that solves that mystery; people in Austria have noticed that she wears pajamas everyhwere. But this is the first time anyone's said anything, so I don't think anyone really cares.

Tomorrow the local Catholic church celebrates its 25th anniversary and the Cardinal is coming to say mass. I will force her into a dress for that, but I'm sure I'll end up packing pajamas for her to wear when she jumps in the bounce house afterwards.

Anne's chorus is singing at the mass too. This'll be the first time the kids have gotten to see her sing, so they're actually ... not excited, but no dead set against going to church!

Not much else going on. Nina came home from school early on Thursday because she had a sore throat. I had it too, plus some sneeziness. So we kept her home on Friday because I thought the pool would probably give her too much of a chill. Plus her teacher said don't bring her back until Monday. I guess she's got strict rules against germs in class. Can't say that I blame her!

We're both totally fine today though, I guess it was a pretty mild bug.

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