about a dream: Pre-school drop-off today

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pre-school drop-off today

Whew, it was a success! She cried when I first left, but her teacher says she stopped crying quickly and played legos. Then after about half an hour of that she cried again and this time wanted to stay close to her teacher, who is very very sweet.

I came back to get her about an hour later and the kids were all outside playing in the playground (or, as they say, the garden. Hence Kinder Garten I suppose).

She cried for a minute when I picked her up because she missed me, she said, but was also very pleased with herself. She was in a great mood most of today (except when I denied her something with sugar. She'd had enough).

When I asked her if she played with any of the kids, she said no. But she did tell me that she hit "her hater." (That's what she calls tigger boy) A "hater" is the opposite of a friend, you see. I asked her why she hit him and she said "because he was too close to me. And I pushed him too." We talked about how hitting isn't allowed, and she said something along the lines of not knowing how to speak to the kids, so she hit and pushed. It makes sense, I've seen some of the kids get very close to her and touch her, and she hates that. I'm assuming she tried the evil eye first and that failed, so she moved on to a push. I told her she could say "geh weg," which means "go away," so hopefully that helps.

Then she told me that she also hit another boy, whose name she doesn't know. The reason this time was that he was "distracting" her. Apparently her teacher didn't see, and I'm sure she just gently swatted them, I don't think anyone was hurt. Still, I told her that's not allowed at preschool and she practiced saying "geh weg," so I think tomorrow will be ok.

Cross your fingers that it continues to go so well!

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