about a dream: Sometimes I feel like I live in a sitcom

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sometimes I feel like I live in a sitcom

Today I was doing kitchen stuff in the kitchen while Maggie was eating her lunch.

"Fock," I heard her say.
Let it go, I thought to myself. That worthless parenting book says she's just doing it for attention. "Fock," she continued. "Fooooock."
"Maggie," I said, giving up on the ignoring tack, "that's not a nice word to say."
"It's not the F-word," she said. "Or the H-word. It's fock. I just made it up."
"Well you little punk," I said. Just kidding, I didn't call her a little punk. I said, "Well, coincidentally, it sounds like the F-word."
"Well, coincidentally," she responded, "it's not."

There are no parenting books that address situations like this. She made a little motion with her hand too, to emphasize that last point, the one where you put all 5 fingertips together and hold your hand next to your face. What a little crack-up she is!

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