about a dream: Be careful what you(r kids) wish for

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be careful what you(r kids) wish for

Haha! I'm amused at my clever title! And the parentheses in the middle of a word! Priceless!!
Whew, OK, I feel better now. On with my story...
Today when we went to pick Nina up at school, Maggie stopped amidst a field of dandelions. "Ohh!" she said, "I'm going to make a wish!"
We got Nina, came back down, and the two of them started blowing on them and wishing. Cute, right? Wrong! Do you know what they were wishing for? A PUPPY!
I told them, "No! New family rule: no wishing for puppies!" and Maggie smiled at me, blew on a dandelion, and said, "I wish for a pony!"
"I take it back!" I told her. "Wish for a puppy!"
Kids: 1, Me: 0. What's new?

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