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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Maggie!

4 today, I just don't believe it!
Maggie and I baked the cake this morning; it's a yellow Jell-o pound cake. Nina helped us frost it just before we ate it (it's cool whip on top. I don't think I've ever bought that before, but WOW does Maggie love it!). She opened her presents from Vanessa and co. (she loves them, thank you!), and demanded over the phone that Uncle Erik tell her if he had sent any. Kids! Where's the gratitude these days?
Maggie had requested a special birthday dinner of broccoli, macaroni, and tater tots. I made the first two, and gave her leftover french fries to fill the tater tots void. She was happy with that. Here's her and Nina enjoying the special meal:
We did Maggie's "friends" party at Chuck E Cheese. It was a hit! Here are a few pics of that adventure:
It was a great party! We had pizza, beverages, and cake, the kids got a bunch of tokens to play all the games, and we had a special Chuck E show and meet and greet. So much easier than having a party here! Since then, Nick and Anne have gotten sick, so that's why I haven't updated on the birthday madness sooner. It seems to be passing pretty quickly though, and no sign of me or the girls getting it (knock on wood!!). I'm thinking it might be the same bug that the girls and I had in January/February, because us being immune is surely the only way we'd be able to avoid catching it. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday Maggie!! Adorable picture of them at the top, and that cake looks huge.