about a dream: It's tough getting old

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's tough getting old

Nina wasn't feeling well after school today. She had a headache, and she was really tired. I gave her some ibuprofen which eventually helped with the headache portion, but she still felt under the weather at dinner time.

Dad wasn't home yet when we started eating, and Nina asked if was going to come today.

"I don't know," I said.
"He probably shouldn't," she said. "I wouldn't want him to catch my cold. Because at his age, if he gets it..." her voice trailed off, and she slouched down in her chair, eyes closed and tongue sticking out.

Yup, poor grandpa. 62 is just one head cold away from the great farmhouse in the sky. I cracked up!

She was on a roll today too, because earlier in the afternoon Nick and I asked for her opinion on a birthday matter for Maggie. You see, Vanessa's present arrived in the mail today, and Nick wanted to let Maggie open it right away. I said she should wait until her birthday. She wasn't begging to open it (using her puppy dog face. I got a photo of that today, I'll put it up tomorrow), and I like doing family presents and a cake on the actual birthday. Call me old fashioned. So I asked Nina what she thought and she said, "I see the two of you don't agree on this. How about she opens it on Saturday at Chuck E Cheese? That's in the middle."

Family arbitration! She's such a little lawyer!

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