about a dream: Poor little Nina was home sick today.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor little Nina was home sick today.

I see you laughing at me Aunt Marilyn! But she was sneezing, and sniffling, and had these pathetic circles under her eyes. I couldn't send her to school like that! But don't worry, I called the office and told them she was sick, sparing BRES retribution from the government via the No Child Left Behind act. So, I think it's all good.

The runny-nosed little dear spent the morning lying on the couch and blowing her nose. I had been hoping it was allergies all weekend, since she seemed fine during the day (aside from the sneezing), and only really felt bad at night. So I just gave her benadryl and she slept well. But she was coughing and sneezing (and snoring! so cute!) all night last night, so I had a feeling today would be like this. Oh well, she improved a lot in the early afternoon and ate a great dinner, so it seems like she's past the worst of it. No fever either, which is remarkable with Nina. Who knows, maybe it was just allergies. I should probably get her some children's Claritin and see if she responds to it.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was wonderful! The girls made me 3 cards, and Nina gave me a bunch of small purple pansies planted in an empty milk carton. I love the gifts they make at school! There was also a (laminated!) set of handprints. Adorable. The card she made reads, "I would never have a mother better than you!" Isn't that so cute?!! It also says "I love you!" and "Happy Mother's Day!" Maggie also made me a card which reads, "dear mommy." Writing words still takes a lot of effort for her.

We went to church in the morning and had a lovely brunch there. Then we pretty much just played out in the lovely sunshine! Mom and dad had their hammock up and the girls were playing in it for hours. At one point Maggie wanted Nina to do "crazy hammock" with her, but Nina said, "No way! That hammock wants to kill me!" I guess her butt had fallen through the ropes at one point, but she got over it and got back on. That's my girl!

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