about a dream: A rainy May day

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A rainy May day

But what a fun day! The girls were in fantastic moods and were just a ton of fun. Ok, Nina is always in a fantastic mood. But Maggie was too, and that made everything easier. It started after the triplets came over to play for a while. She was oohing and aahing over them (and kept referring to each of them as "it." As in, "Oooh, look, it's playing with the dollhouse!" It was funny.)

Then, after we picked up Nina, the girls played ponies for it seemed like hours. Then they were taking turns standing on the overturned puppet theater (their "stage") and singing songs from The Phantom of the Opera. The first time Maggie stood up on the stage she was feeling shy and said to herself, "Be brave! Be brave!" It was too cute! I wanted to get out the camera to take a video, but I was snuggled up on the armchair with Nina, and I didn't feel like disturbing the moment. Both girls' singing is just wonderful! I'll take a video eventually, they're just too cute.

That was pretty much our day. We did some more singing after dinner, then had dessert and before bed snacks so that Nina can make it through the night without getting hungry, and then it was a little reading (I read their parasites book aloud to them. I've read that book a dozen times now, and Nina's read it herself another dozen times. Ask us anything about parasites!), then it was lights out. Maggie fell right asleep, but Nina didn't, so I told her a story from when she was a baby and she told me about the fairytale her teacher read in class. It was a version of the tailor versus the giants, and I remembered how we used to have a Mickey Mouse version of that on VHS when we were kids. Remember Vanessa and Erik? Mickey swats the seven flies with one swatter in one blow, and the story gets misheard and they think he killed seven giants? I told Nina I'd see if Mom and Dad still have it. We had some great cartoons on that tape!

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Vanessa said...

We had two tapes of cartoons I believe, and I think we might actually have one here that we took ages ago for Ethan to watch. I'll look for it. We don't even have a VCR anymore, but I could get it converted to DVD.