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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Checkups yesterday

Nina had her 7 year checkup (a bit early, but I wanted to do it here an not in Austria) and Maggie had her 4 year. They're pictures of health, of course! Nina has cracked the 4 foot mark and now stands 48.5 inches tall. Maggie is 39.5 inches, which puts them at the 75th and 50th percentiles respectively.

The girls had a great time. Who knew the doctor's office could be so much fun? While we were waiting, the girls were checking each other's reflexes with the rubber reflex hammer. All good! They're practically ready to be pediatricians.

When it was Maggie's turn, the doctor pointed to her right arm and said, "Is this your right arm or your left?" and Maggie responded, "That's my right arm!" A few minutes later, he pointed to her left side and asked the same question. "Of course that's my left side!" Maggie exclaimed. He was impressed, but still wasn't certain that she'd guessed correctly twice, so when he was checking her ears he asked again, and again (totally convinced at this point that the man is a complete moron) she sighed, "That's my right ear."

The doctor was really impressed and said he has plenty of 6 year olds that don't know their right from their left. He took it up a notch, too. When he was examining Nina he pointed to her left arm and asked if that was Nina's right or left. She answered correctly! Identifying your own left and right is one thing, but getting it right on someone else's body requires understanding that facing someone mirror images them, and that your right side corresponds to their left. However, Maggie has really exceptional spatial reasoning skills, so it's totally obvious to her.

Nina cracked me up when she held up her left hand and said, "This is my write hand, because it's the one I write with!" Ha ha! Funny kid!

That was yesterday. They both have little head colds, though Nina is 90% over hers. Maggie is still snotty and sneezy, but she's better than yesterday. Looks like I've largely dodged it this time, though I have been soooo, so tired. Probably that's as much getting up at night with them as it is fighting it off though. Well, the sun finally came out today and the forecast is beautiful, so I'm sure the sunshine will kill the last of this bug.

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