about a dream: we had a snow day!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

we had a snow day!

what a fun day! of course, we went out in the snow (maggie for about 10 minutes. she likes the snow, but she doesn't like when it's snowing. can't say that i blame her, i'm not too fond of the shards of ice in my face feeling either). nina lasted much longer, but it was warm enough for the snow to be pretty wet, and wet makes for cold kids. so in for hot chocolate we went!

the girls have requested new pink princess dresses (sort of similar to sleeping beauty's dress), so i spent some time sewing today. nina really wants hers done tomorrow, maybe i'll have a picture for you tomorrow night.

thank goodness the hippo swing is still up, the time outside wasn't enough to expend all of their energy, so that got some more use. even i gave it a go!

oh, and we finally got to watch godzilla vs. the thing on netflix. "the thing" was, i think, an egg of mothra's. at the end it hatched two larvae. so, in case you were wondering, now you know.

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