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Saturday, January 14, 2012


the coldest, darkest days of winter are upon us! it's supposed to go below 0 tonight (and windy!), with a high of 15 tomorrow and down to single digits again overnight tomorrow. good thing we don't have any plans to be outside!

this morning i went to a retreat for sunday school teachers, and mom and dad took the girls to brunswick. they had a great time! highlights were china rose buffet and a trip to petco (better than the zoo!) maggie did totally fine, she's in such an affectionate phase right now. the other day she told me, "i just love grandma so much!", and today she even wanted to sit on her lap! who is this kid?! i love it!

it's almost 9 and nina is still awake, coloring. nick's watching football, and i'm doing the blog and consulting on colors with nina for the picture she's coloring. such a peaceful evening at the halter house.

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