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Monday, January 30, 2012

real quick blog post before bed!

we had a lovely, lovely weekend. it was warm (40 degrees!), sunny, and my old college buddy jess came for a visit! such fun!

on saturday we took her to see the botanical gardens. we had the place almost to ourselves (i saw another car in the parking lot, but i never saw the occupants). the girls had a wonderful time. maggie was very eager to visit the story barn in the children's garden, but first nina wanted to see the tree house and the bear cave. when we were done there, i asked maggie, "do you want to go see the story barn now?"

she thought for a moment and then replied, "i would be delighted."

!! what a cutie!

on sunday we took jess to church with us (i gave each of the girls a dollar for the collection. maggie held it eagerly. then she saw the man with the basket approach, and she hid the dollar behind her back. she told me she wanted it keep it for the "vender machine").

after church, jess left, and we took the girls skating. nina is doing an incredible job! we took a video, but it's on the ipod and i haven't downloaded it yet. i will eventually, and then i'll have to put it on you tube because the ipod videos are too big to host here on the blog. so, not tonight, but soon hopefully. she loves skating, and it's so fun to take her.

oh, and there's a book fair at nina's school right now. i bought nina 3 books, and she had already finished one of them by the time i was done with my tutoring! thank goodness for libraries!

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