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Saturday, January 7, 2012

ice skating today!

it was so beautiful today! who knew january in maine could be so lovely? nina was feeling even better today--she was mostly better on friday, except for occasionally have some nausea or stomach pain, and sneezing and sniffling--so we decided to go ice skating. what fun! nina is doing a great job, her skating is becoming smoother and smoother (more and more smooth?). she has so much fun!

maggie started out on her double blade skates, but she really wanted single blades. there was only one pair in her size in the skates shed, and i thought at first the the buckle on it was broken. anyway, i was happy, i didn't think she was ready for single blades. she agreed to wear the double, big mistake on my part. the doubles make being on the ice way to easy. first she got her friend casey's hockey stick and tried playing hockey. then she started running all over the place. then i looked up and saw her jumping up and spinning (and crashing on her bottom). what the heck maggie! you're too young for a triple toe loop. too young!

so, i asked her if she wanted to try the single blades, which were fine now because i righted the wrong buckle and they were fine after all. we started out holding hands, or nick and i each holding a hand, and she was really getting a feel for them. after about 10 minutes (maybe 10 minutes), she let go of my hand and took off on her own. i freaked out at first! but she really did a good job. her feet were getting cold and her socks were wet, so thankfully she wasn't out there for too long. that child truly has no fear, and i am going to put a helmet on her before she goes out again (don't worry, most of the kids wear helmets on the ice. no one will think i'm a crazy mom).

nina started to feel sick again during dinner, unfortunately (maybe fondue wasn't the best choice after all). her stomach was upset, and she took a while to fall asleep. nurse pat did say that this has been going around, and it lasts 3 to 7 days. hopefully this is just the last little bit of it, popping back up when she's really tired.

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