about a dream: finally we're in the calmest part of winter

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

finally we're in the calmest part of winter

even though mid-january is typically the coldest time of year in maine, it's become one of my favorites. it's calm, quiet, and peaceful. the ice rink is finally frozen enough for good skating, and we even have snow on the ground. ahh. i tried to take the girls sledding after school today, but they didn't want to go, can you believe it? nina really wanted to get home and play some wii. i guess they'd been talking about it at school, and she was just in the mood. well, they didn't have to twist my arm about it!

monday was no school because of martin luther king day. nina had learned all about him at school, and said she wanted to celebrate by watching an episode of the wild kratts, a new cartoon on PBS, because one of the kratts brothers' name is martin. fitting! i told her we were going to have a playdate with the triplets too, and she said, "what? on martin luther king day??" so cute! i had to explain that it's a holiday, but it's not like christmas or anything.

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