about a dream: not so much going on this week

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

not so much going on this week

maggie had dance (she was very well behaved!), and while she was there, nick and i played tennis on the Y's indoor courts. very nice! we only got a half hour because there's a tennis club that practices on both courts at 10 every wednesday, but it was still fun. then we both ran around the track a bit, and i lifted weights, so all in all a very fit morning for us.

our only other news is that we got cable TV. well, we had the most basic package already, but that was just the regular networks, so we upgraded to full cable. it was a whim, but it's been fun. did you know they still show little house on the prairie? nina loves it.

that's all i can think of. oh, yesterday or the day before, maggie said to me, "your butt is ginormous. whoa. it's huge." just an observation i guess, i didn't ask for her opinion or anything. it's a really good thing i'm skinny, or else she might have hurt my feelings! i just told her that it's impolite to comment on other people's bodies. but then i told mom and nick what she said, so i'm sure that her takeaway message was that commenting on other people's enormous butts is a barrel o' laughs. i'm sure i will regret that. oh well, live and learn. or live and don't learn, whichever.

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