about a dream: can you picture us with pet mice?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

can you picture us with pet mice?

well, we might have some next year. yippee. (sarcasm)

we took the girls to PetCo today (wow, they really love that place!), and the mice were an especially big hit. the girls were watching them run around in their little cages and laughing with glee. at one point two were in one of those hamster wheels, and they kept spinning each other upside-down, and maggie yelled joyfully "the mice are doing parkour! they're doing parkour!" and they both laughed uproariously. so yeah, mice, a bird, and nina still wants a dog. oh my!

yesterday, maggie and nina were playing this game wherein maggie was an orphan, and nina was a nurse who was taking care of her. they'd been playing for quite a bit when i heard nina say "maggie, i don't want to play this any more. it makes me sad that you don't belong to me."

aww! she's so sweet and loving, that she can't take even pretending that maggie isn't hers. so maggie said, "arrrgh, fine, i have parents." then they were sisters again and nina was happy.

too cute!

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