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Thursday, January 5, 2012

poor nina is sick

she went back to school happy and healthy as could be on tuesday and was fine tuesday night and wednesday morning. then at 9:15 on wednesday morning, just as i was about to head out the door to take maggie to dance class, my phone rang. it was nina, and she said she had a stomach ache. i told her i was on my way out, and would pick her up in 10 minutes.

i had to take maggie to dance class, and i asked nina if she wanted to stay and watch maggie dance, but she said no, she didn't feel well enough. i knew we were in for some trouble then, because she loves to watch maggie dance whenever she gets the chance. so i ran her home, settled her on the couch with a pillow, blanket, and stack of books, and turned back around to pick maggie up from class. by the time i got home, nina had thrown up (props to nick for getting her to the bathroom on time!). her stomach really, really hurt too. for the rest of the day she bounced between seeming totally fine, to having strong stomach pains, to throwing up, and to feeling good again. she didn't eat much, but she drank a bit, so she didn't get dehydrated.

maggie had a tough time dealing with nina's sickness. but nina really understood how maggie felt, since she'd felt similarly about maggie's splinter. unfortunately, maggie reacted by throwing one tantrum after another, and climbing onto my lap (and trying to push nina off) whenever i was cuddling nina. yup, it was a loooong day. and, i really and truly am glad that in between bouts of illness, nina felt great, and energetic, and hopped all over the house... but can't i get a kid who just lays on the couch all day when she's sick? do mine have to have so much energy all the time? really, i'm happy they're so healthy... i just want them to be healthy and still every once in a while.

nina did amazingly though. she never once threw up all over everything. i've never had a sick kid before and not had to do tons of laundry. so nina, thank you.

it's been almost 24 hours since she threw up, and was doing really, really well all day (to the point that i had to create and install a piece of functional art that we have dubbed "hippo swing." pictures tomorrow, i promise!). i thought for sure she'd be all better and i could send her to school tomorrow. but then, out of nowhere at 4 pm, she spiked a fever of 102. poor kid! so, there's no way she'll be able to do school tomorrow. oh well, hopefully she'll be fine and we'll be able to play outside.

well, even though last night was great in the sense that i wasn't remaking the bed at 2 am, i was still up a lot, and i'm pooped, so i'm going to bed soon. cross your fingers that nina is 100% better tomorrow, and that no one else gets this! (though i have a nagging feeling i'll be posting about maggie puking in the near future. here's to hoping though).

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