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Monday, November 22, 2010


i'm writing now at 7:30 because if i wait until maggie's in bed like i usually do, i won't write at all. i'm pretty sure i'll be asleep before she is tonight! it's been a dreary day, and i didn't sleep especially well last night (not that i ever do, but i had to get out of bed around 2:30 to hunt for pony downstairs. i usually make sure i take it upstairs with her, but i guess i forgot last night. fortunately she wasn't hidden and i found her relatively quickly. fast enough that maggie didn't get hysterical anyway. then there was the typical maggie wakes up, nina wakes up, maggie wakes up again, someone goes to the bathroom, then someone else decides to go, then everyone goes because we're all up anyway, then hunt for pony, then non-stop nursing). it's amazing i ever feel rested!

i did indulge maggie in some non-stop nursing overnight though because she'd gotten a little constipated. i think having the diarrhea knocked her system out of whack, because the constipation followed that. anyway, i wanted her to get the extra fluids overnight to go with the juice and raisins i'd given her yesterday. and it worked, she pooped in the morning pretty easily. that's it for poop updates, i promise.

i'm also tired because of the super busy weekend we had! it started on saturday with the early bird sale in town. mom and i went together at 8 and nick joined us with the kids at 9-ish. i got some good deals!! the food at the stores isn't anything close to what it used to be though, and we didn't win one door prize! outrageous. however, they've added a pajama parade (which i didn't see because i was tutoring) but nick says the girls loved it. there were even some dogs in their pajamas. what a hoot! then there were bed races, which we also missed because we were at the.....

frozen turkey hunt at the botanical gardens! our streak of poor luck continued, and we didn't find one prize apple. bianca and john gave us an extra one of theirs though, which at the time i thought was so nice, but it turned out that they'd found the GOLDEN apple, worth 150 gallons of oil, so they had excess to share. we didn't get a frozen turkey either, but we did get a pumpkin pie kit and some popped corn on the cob. not bad, and the kids had fun looking for the apples hidden in the children's garden.

next it was home for a nap for maggie, then out again to go to the grand opening of our friends' store! they had a bounce house, hot dogs, coffee (we needed it by then!), and all kinds of other stuff. what fun! but boy were we exhausted.

sunday we went to church and sunday school, then we lazed around the house with mom and dad, and today was back to the old routine. the girls are so excited to go to boston for thanksgiving!

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