about a dream: nick and i got to go out

Monday, November 8, 2010

nick and i got to go out

we saw rustic overtones at the opera house. it was so fun! mom and dad watched the girls, and they did great. nina was especially excited to have a night alone with them, she even kicked us out of their house before we needed to go.

we happened to see mike and karen there, and they invited the 4 of us over for dinner on sunday, so we ended up having a very social weekend. which was nice, because it's started to get cold! sunday was cold and windy, and sunday night we ended up having a much stronger storm than we were expecting. i read online that portland jetport recorded a max wind gust of 63 mph! the wind was coming from the north east (did that make it a nor'easter, or is snow a requirement for that?), and since my bedroom is in the north east corner of the house, it was pretty loud. the girls room stayed nice and quiet though, and at least nina slept well. wow, as i type this, the weather channel is reporting on the storm! maine made the big time news! the woman says wind and rain are expected to continue through tomorrow. well today was mild, we even got a bit of sun, so maybe not for us.

not much else going on. maggie tried 2 times to poop this morning but it was just gas. the second time she didn't poop after thinking she might have to, she ran into the kitchen where nick was standing and yelled "nothing!! came out of my butt!!!" haha, it was funny. oh, and nick came home from basketball while she was in the tub, and she was so excited to see him that she stood up and did a wiggle dance. too cute!


Vanessa said...

Wow, was Rustic Overtones like they used to be? Fun! I don't think you need snow to be a nor'easter. I saw someone's pic on facebook where the Brown's Fisherman got blown over during the storm. (Carrie Hazelton)

des said...

they were! you could tell they were having lots of fun, and their horns were better than ever i think. they only played 2 songs that i recognized though, which was disappointing, even though their newer stuff (like, within the last 12 years!) was also good.

i saw the fisherman statue! we have really had some big windy storms over the last year.

Oma said...

Whatta ya mean, "not much else going on"?! Oma's coming to visit for a week on Tuesday!