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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what a cutie ballerina!

ok, yes, the skirt is a little big, but it stayed on. isn't she so cute?

she started ballet class in october. the first class she did GREAT. she loved it! the second class was mayhem. it's a really young class, though maggie is the youngest (by 6 months now, but only by 3 in october, one girl dropped out. quitter!!) it's hard for a group of 2 and barely 3 year olds to keep it together for a class, and when one of them stops listening, the rest fall like dominoes. then the third class went well again, the fourth not so much, and the fifth on has been smooth sailing. it finally gelled for the girls i guess.

i even got to leave last week, and maggie didn't mind at all! but unfortunately today she cried while i was gone. i felt awful! it was just for a minute i was told, and when i came in she was as happy as a clam. or ballerina. then when she saw me she ran over, crying. she must have been pretty upset even though it was quick because she did her breathing thing, the little jagged sobs. but she was also tired, the class is an hour and ends at 11:15, and that's too close to nap time i think. oh well, i'll just stay next time.

nina's on a dance break right now by the way. she said she didn't like being away from me even more. i think it's just part of adjusting to kindergarten, maybe she'll start again for the next session. or next year, she's only 5.

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Vanessa said...

Very cute ballerina!