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Friday, November 26, 2010


i was hopeful that the girls would nap in the car since they both didn't sleep that well on tuesday night, but they didn't. still, the trip went fairly well, not much traffic at all, just one stop for bathroom and food. unremarkable.

we did try to stop at costco and there was some bruhaha over the costco being on the other side of a divided highway, so we didn't end up stopping. turns out there is a costco not 10 minutes from erik's house, so nick and i got to go sans children. much, much better.

after a lovely dinner of oven fried chicken, i tucked the girls into bed and the adults got to enjoy a nice evening of quiet conversation. haha! and if you believe that, i have a bridge to sell you! oooohh i'm a hoot. seriously though, nina fell asleep just fine but margarete wandered in and out of the bedroom, living room, and kitchen until more like 9:30. she'd napped for a whole half hour you know. good thing she's so cute. every time she wandered back in to the living room she'd say "surprise!!" cute. one time she said, "ta da!!" when she's not whining, crying, or licking the walls and windows, she's awfully cute. ("don't lick the ottoman!!" i told her. she took a tissue and wiped it. "ta-da!!" she announced).

and chester! the girls love that dog so much. nina made him a stuffed turkey toy for thanksgiving. i'm so proud of her. she planned and executed the whole thing almost totally by herself (i just helped with the sewing). first she cut 2 large hands out of fabric (about the size of a baseball mitt) and painted them to look like a turkey (brown mostly, with eyes and a waddle. the waddle is the red skin that hangs from the throat). next, i sewed the two halves together. i was going to flip them inside out after, to hide the seams, but she liked the seams out, she said they looked like feathers. they did! what a good eye she has! then she stuffed it by herself, i sewed the remaining opening, and it was done! she was so excited to give it to him. she didn't mind that he tore it up in minutes and pulled the stuffing out. she said it was his gift, and he could play with it as he liked.

back to check on the screeching with joy children. a turkey update to follow...

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