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Monday, November 29, 2010

christmas list!

wow christmas is sneaking up on us!! today the girls and i made wreaths, and i must say they turned out wonderfully! it's a messy process, there were pine needles everywhere. we had lots of fun though. first we trimmed some branches from some pine trees around us. we collected a smattering of flat and friendly fir branches and short and spiky spruce. there wasn't any white pine within easy reach, so none of that. we also collected some pinecones. then we assembled our materials inside, got out some string and the wire hangers i'd bent into circles (i looked this tip up on the internet), and went to town. hopefully i'll get around to taking pictures, downloading them from the camera, and then uploading them to the blog. yeah, so you're never going to see them, but trust me that they're stunning, in a rustic, bent coathanger kind of way. :-)

where was i going with this... oh yes, christmas! so the holidays are upon us, here's what the girls are asking for these days.

her own my little pony
a diary with a lock
sweaters/sweatshirts (size 7. i know!! she's got really long arms, otherwise she'd be a six)
she's 45 inches tall and weighs 43 lbs

my little ponies
a belle dress (the yellow one that belle wears in beauty and the beast). this is what she asked santa for.
she's 37 inches tall and weighs 28 lbs. all she wears these days are footies (3T and some of nina's old 4Ts), but i'm expecting this footie phase to end any day now (as i've been expecting for the last month).

i know that's not a lot, the girls don't really ask for a lot. until we're in a store, at which point they ask for anything they see!

really, they love any kind of toy or game. they love playdough, this odd product called moon sand that charlie and hattie have, puzzles, toys of any kind. you can't go wrong with these kids.

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