about a dream: oma is here!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

oma is here!

the girls were so excited to see her. they waited up on tuesday night, and nina ended up staying home on wednesday because she was too excited to hang out with oma. today was no school on account of veterans' day, so that worked out. i think she'll be ready to go back tomorrow, just for a day.

the girls have been especially adorable lately. maggie keeps telling me that she loves me, which is just music to a mom's ears! she also loves her whole family, for the record. maybe chester most of all. she talks about that dog every day!

and tonight, as nina lay in bed, falling asleep, she said to nick, "sigh, i can't fall asleep. i need lunesta!"



Vanessa said...

Nina is so funny! I take it you guys probably never discuss Lunesta, so it is some effective advertising there huh?

des said...

i asked her and she said she saw a commercial. sometimes they're on during the news. dad has spearheaded a campaign to always mute out commercials now though, he's afraid a cialis or viagra commercial will come on (because they do, constantly). boy would we have a lot of questions to answer then!