about a dream: the week in review

Friday, November 19, 2010

the week in review

not much to report, just a typical week here at the halter house. on wednesday i had a math team meeting and since beth couldn't watch the girls like she usually does, nick took them to the Y and they ran on the track and played in the gym. math team is going great though! i'm having a really good time. i was worried at first that maybe i'd forgotten so much that the math would be too hard, but fortunately, i can handle most of it. most! not all though, there are some things that i've forgotten (like, how to find the interior angle measure of a regular polygon. but now i know!).

on thursday maggie and i picked up nina at school and then the three of us went to the fish playground. it was a nice day so we wanted to get out and enjoy it! nice until the sun went down that is (that's at what, 3:30 these days? haha, kidding, but barely). as soon as the sun went below the tree line (that really did happen at 3:30) we skedaddled over to the ebb tide for some fried shrimp and french fries. then we picked up a gift for the girls' friend ariel, because she had a birthday party that evening at 6. her mom cooked some amazing phillipino food and we all had a very fun time.

today was another fairly ordinary day. maggie and i stayed in because it was cold, then we picked up nina at the bus stop and went visit their friends charlie and hattie.

so like i said, just a regular week! maggie is still wearing footie pajamas only. oh wait, i take that back, she wore her tinkerbelle costume to ariel's party. she wanted to dress up! it was too cute. she even put on a jacket! she wore one again today. she fought it at first, but then she gave in. it's cold!! the computer says it's 26 right now. winter's just around the corner!

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