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Monday, November 29, 2010

funny things

yesterday we were watching a national geographic special about the galapagos at mom and dad's house, and there was this sad part about a lizard that had to climb down this steep, dangerous slope to get to a place to lay her eggs. they showed the carcass of one lizard that didn't make it. (maggie talked a LOT about the lizards today. she was even pretending to be a lizard for a while. "not the one that fell. a similar one." processing the harsh realities of life and cruel nature i think). anyway, the program closed on a very upbeat note about the turtles, and maggie shouted with joy "it's a happy ending!!"

this evening before bed, she mimed brushing her teeth with a very big toothbrush, and it was hysterical. i tried taking a video. i know, promises promises, but i'll take a shorter one and upload it.

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